Do you want your presentations, project promotion or education materials to really stand out? To be both bold and have the human touch? To be graphic but also have texture? We both know that library stock photos inspire little more than eye-glazing these days. If you really want to engage your audience, then it is time for something different.

Over 10 years as a practising artist and a Certificate IV in Graphic Design, I now specialise in handcrafting illustrations using construction paper and technical pen. I am not just an artist, but also have over ten years working in government, both federal and local (including food technology, agricultural and environmental sectors).

I have also worked in the retail industry for 10 years and the food industry as a food technologist – so I understand sales, merchandising, marketing and branding. My experience includes creating illustrations and presenting education programs within the local government sector and NGOs. In short, I understand how to work to a brief and deliver in accordance with your organisation’s procedures to create outcomes with impact.

Based in the Lower Hunter Kathy Langlade works with business and government creating powerful, positive images that stand out and give that human, tactile touch.

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