Place activation, public art, urban design concepts.

How do you create a space that is genuinely inspiring for all who use it? Through adept user engagement. And by combining creative and logistical thinking.

Our ‘Place Team’ are experts who work with your team to create spaces designed to inspire and engage its users. We also work to deliver any helpful, logistical requirements – such as social distancing, wayfinding, etc.
Temporary and/or permanent projects.

Sculpture/installations, large scale painting, puppetry, storytelling, etc.
Our ‘Creatives Team’ are highly experienced at working to a brief and with others. Already have some arts practitioners in mind? No problem. We would love to work with them too.

Read about our public art project management approach

Wayfinding and public space navigation 
The can be creative and engagement as well as clear and practical. Read our light rail stop design proposal.

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