Christopher Saunders


Christopher Saunders is an enabler and a social change initiator. He was creative producer for fifteen years with Big hART and has been with Renew Newcastle for six years. Renew Newcastle has enabled creative enterprises to flourish and bring life back to a desolate cityscape as well as inform urban development decision-making.

Christopher’s “hands on” collaborative approach has helped deliver some extraordinary benefits for whole communities. These include the restoration of an arthouse cinema in Newcastle; international recognition for the Northcott public housing estate in Sydney; and a national voice for farming families.


2014-present | Renew Newcastle
Role: General Manager
Key project: Revitalising Newcastle Station

2017-present | Renew Newcastle
Role: Property Coordinator & Project Support
Key projects include: The Emporium (Newcastle City); Newcastle Writers Festival; Newcastle Youth Orchestra. To identify vacant properties in Newcastle and liaise with owners and agents to activate these properties under the Renew Newcastle scheme. The position also involves coordinating suitable creative enterprises in the ‘lease’ of these properties and advice on the fit out of the premises. Support participants in their creative business development and personal career trajectory.

2011-present | Redfish Bluefish
Role: Creative Producer
Develop opportunities for creative participation in community based activities utilising; live performance, film (production and screenings), photography and visual arts.

2012-2014 | Regal Cinema
Role: Producer & Project Manager
Facilitating the rebuilding and re-imagination of the Regal Cinema as a multipurpose community venue and art house cinema.

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