megan-hills_coaching_creative-ingredient_Has your creative enterprise locked itself in the bathroom?

Or is it chugging along okay but want to take it up a notch? Perhaps it’s not even born yet and could use a creative enterprise midwife? Whatever’s going on, help is here. You may be a designer, artist, musician, writer, creative workshop facilitator, or something else of this ilk. If you have (or want) a creative enterprise you are a professional. You are loyal to your creative integrity BUT you are open to other ideas. If you find straddling creativity with business challenging, you are not alone.


And that’s the point: You are not alone.

We need to work out how our talents can best serve the world while keeping our creative integrity in tact as best we can. There’s an art to this. Just as well we’re creative, right?


Why me?

Let’s cut to the chase. What’s going to be most valuable from these coaching sessions is how I help you identify (a) what makes you special and (b) how to connect that with people who are most likely to want to give you money. Because creatives need to eat. Food helps. And shelter, and internet access. BUT we also need to enjoy what we do or we start rocking in a corner muttering Rilke backwards. Money generally is not a motivator for us creative types. But until we learn to become telepathic breatharians who don’t mind living 100% outdoors, it’s worth seeing money as a kindly patron called Dennis or Agatha.


My expertise is yours to tap

I have over 25 years experience in helping creatives while also helping my own creative enterprise (more about my experience here).  My holy trinity is an understanding of the creative psyche, a practical ability to connect-the-dots, and a strong background in empathy of all walks of life (read: ‘marketing’). In short, I am particularly good at sharpening your focus without shutting down those left-of-field gems that visit you – and helping you build a bridge between you and others that are most likely to appreciate you. Sound good? 


God Bless The Internet

I work with clients all over the world. So no matter where you live, if you have a screen of some kind and internet connection, together we can work that creative enterprise mojo. But if you like face-to-face and wish to have a session in my Newcastle studio, by all means. I make a good organic cuppa. We even have a cute granny flat on airbnb, if you wish to travel to this beach-filled, wine-laden, cafe-decorated, creative boutique neck-o-woods.  


The format

  1. When to meet?
    We co-ordinate time zones and schedule an hour to talk via Skype, Facetime, phone or face-to-face at chez Creative Ingredient.
  2. What’s the focus?
    I’ll send you a pretty-looking form (even forms need creative-love) with some questions that will help work out where you are at, so our session is really valuable to you.
  3. First session
    1-hour chat to clarify your goals from the sessions and decide a route to get there, finishing with agreed game plan and action flares (things to do).
  4. Post-first session
    You follow up on those agreed to action flares and I send any support material that to help you further (articles, links to sites, etc.)
  5. Next session(s) – optional
    1-hour chats to review your progress, talk through any challenges, and clarify next steps for you to take (again, I may send more resource material afterwards, but only if you feel it would be useful).


Coaching fees

  • Single session: 1 hour
    AUS $195 incl. gst
  • Package of 4 sessions: 1 hour each
    AUS $680 incl. gst (save $100)


Stuck for cash?

If you’ve feeling a little strapped moola-wise, ask a friend or relative to buy you a coaching session or pack for your birthday – or just to be supportive. This thinking ‘outside the square and inside the dodecahedron’ may include asking for help in new ways.


To book your sesh or pack

Contact me here and let me know…

  • if you want one session or a 4 x pack
  • if you prefer Skype, Facetime or face-to-face
  • city of residence (if Skype/Facetime, so we can work out time zones)
  • 3 x preferred dates/times to choose from

I will then send you…

  • some questions for you to answer about your creative enterprise (helping us both of us get on the same page)
  • an invoice (while I get the online store happening…)
  • proposed times and dates (while I get the online calendar happening…)

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.