Are you a creative professional?

We know. Making money as a creative soul while keeping your integrity can be challenging. But…

…we are making interesting connections between creative professionals and those in business and government. Connections that feel okay. Exciting, even.

You may be in theatre, photography, sculpture, illustration, puppetry, writing, graphic design, music or something else. Is there is a way of offering what you do  in a way that directly solves someone else’s problem? Not sure? Check out our creatives directory and check out what’s already there. We don’t see ourselves as ‘agents’ for those on our Creative Directory. But we may charge a commission to our clients if we manage your service on a project. Talk to us to find out more.

We use the term ‘creative professional’ because being professional is important. Being professional boils down to being respectful – respectful of your service and those you are working with. Need some help in developing your creative practice professionally? Check out our coaching for creatives.

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